The House of Twitter

There is a running joke here that General Convention has a third house in addition to the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops.

The House of Twitter (#GC79 | #GC79andthreequarters (10 points to Ravenclaw!) | and #EpiscopalChurch / #Episcopal) is alive and VERY active this General Convention, as it has been for the past couple of General Conventions of The Episcopal Church.

If you are looking for running commentary on different resolutions and issues we are taking up here at the 79th General Convention, please search for the hashtag #GC79 on Twitter.

Today is our first legislative day of General Convention and we will begin to address the many resolutions that are being deliberated in Legislative Committee Meetings before they proceed to the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Deputies and Bishops gathered here in Austin at this 79th General Convention.


A Prelude to General Convention 2018

I am currently sitting here at the Houston (Hobby) Airport in Houston, TX as I await my connecting flight to Austin, TX where I will be for the next 12 days for the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church. I am grateful to be a member of the House of Deputies at this General Convention as an Alternate Deputy for the Diocese of Alabama.
I hope to post updates here on this new blog regarding my overall experience at General Convention, updates from the Diocese of Alabama Deputation, committee meetings and resolutions that I find interesting, the Young Adult Festival in which I am a participant at this General Convention, and other church nerdisms.
Here are a few helpful links to news resources from the Diocese of Alabama Deptuation and other ways to keep up with what is happening at General Convention:

You may also check my Twitter feed (@briandenton) as I hope to post and re-post updates there in addition to this blog.
Thank you for your prayers for the Diocese of Alabama Deputation and the whole House of Bishops and House of Deputies as we gather for General Convention. I am very much looking to this “Holy Convocation” (as Presiding Bishop Michael Curry spoke of this at our Province IV Synod recently) and am praying for the Holy Spirit to help us all discern God’s will for our church, the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.

O God, the fountain of wisdom, whose will is good and gracious, and whose law is truth: We beseech you so to guide and bless our deputies The Rev. Candace Frazer, The Rev. Evan Garner, The Rev. Deacon Judy Quick, The Rev. Lee Shafer, The Rev. Tommie Watkins Jr. (Clergy Alternate Deputy), Mark Smith, Shari Harrison, Virginia Hillhouse, Anne Kimzey, Brian Denton-Trujillo (Lay Alternate Deputy), our bishop The Rt. Rev. John McKee “Kee” Sloan, and all deputies and bishops, that they may make wise decisions and enact faithful resolutions that please you, to the glory of your Name and the welfare of this Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
The Acts 8 Movement: An Octave of Prayer for General Convention

Almighty and everliving God, source of all wisdom and understanding, be present with those who take counsel at this 79th General Convention for the renewal and mission of your Church. Teach us in all things to seek first your honor and glory. Guide us to perceive what is right, and grant us both the courage to pursue it and the grace to accomplish it; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 
The Book of Common Prayer

God’s peace,

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